AIS Houston - Injection Foam
About AIS Injection Foam Insulation
AIS Injection spray foam makes it easy to retro fit older homes, attics and finished basements that lack insulation with spray foam insulation. Injection foam requires drilling small holes in the wall cavity so that the foam may be injected. Injection foam will fill voids and cavities around electrical wiring, plumbing and windows without having to remove plaster or drywall.

The injection foam process makes it easier and quicker to install from the outside of the building. AIS Houston - After Injecting Foam in the Wall Specially-trained professionals from AIS Houston install the injection foam by drilling a small hole and injecting the wall cavity with spray foam.

The hole is filled and the exterior siding is then patched, repaired or replaced, depending on the exterior wall material.

Injection foam applications include insulation for walls, roofs, basements, and window and door frames. The unique nature of this spray on foam is that is can conform to any shape or size and fill in virtually all cracks, crevices and holes.

A Few Facts About Injection Foam:
AIS Injection Foam Benefits
Home and business owners can immediately enjoy the benefits of injection foam insulation. Most applications are complete in less than one day.

As with all spray foam insulation, injection foam is fire-resistant, water-resistant, and environmentally friendly. AIS Houston - Compare other types if Insulation to Injection Foam AIS Injection foam offers the best quality insulation for existing homes; it has the highest R value on the market and creates a superior sound barrier.

Since injection foam creates a vapor barrier and seals any cracks where air and moisture would otherwise leak into your home, it makes it an ideal application for basements and foundations.

Retrofitting a home or building improves your heating and cooling efficiency and saves money.