How AIS Radiant Barriers Work
How can Fi-Foils radiant insulation help?  One of the best solutions for all homes is an attic radiant barrier, a product that can significantly reduce attic temperatures, improve HVAC efficiency, save energy, and positively affect the comfort in your home.

Find out more in this short video on Silver Shield Radiant Barrier.
Increased Comfort. Lower Utility Bills
The use of Fi-Foil's radiant insulation solutions have been proven to reduce your energy bills while improving comfort.

In fact, leading energy-efficiency experts have identified radiant barriers as an energy-saving technology and a key component to an energy-efficient home.
AIS Houston Attic Radiant Barrier
Progressive builders understand the benefits of building homes with Fi-Foil's Silver Shield Attic Radiant Barrier.

Not only is it the highest performing attic radiant barrier application on the market, but Fi-Foil's attic radiant barrier has been proven to:
What's more, Fi-Foil's products are designed with environmentally friendly, green-sustainable building materials, so while you're protecting your home, you're also protecting the ecosystem!

Fi-Foil's Silver Shield Radiant Barrier is available as a cost-effective, energy-efficient upgrade.   Before you buy, be sure to ask AIS Houston aboutĀ Fi-Foil's Silver Shield Radiant Barrier.